Ethics must begin at the top of an organization

It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.
-Edward Hennessy (1933)

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About Ethics Institute Zimbabwe

Ethics Institute Zimbabwe (EIZ) is a practical and knowledge driven association with expertise in ethics training, ethics research and ethics advisory solutions. As we build Zimbabwe together, let us build it on a solid business foundation of knowledge, trust, transparency, accountability, and workmanship.

Our Vision

To promote ethical leadership for sustainable business growth.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, our daily mission is to impart a culture of responsibility, accountability and respect amongst organizational stakeholders to enable them to build profitable and sustainable brands that are trusted by many customers.

Our Values

Our core values include respect, compliance, transparency, trust and profitability as outlined below:

Our Core Values


Borrowing from the holy bible scriptures; “my people perish for lack of knowledge”; at EIZ we believe in the continuous improvement of the conduct of humanity through a needs aligned training and development program.


In our pursuit of best business practices we believe in a corporate culture that recognizes its stakeholders’ values and admires their worthy abilities, qualities and achievements.


Corporate systems, procedures and business legislature become effective business tools only through stakeholder compliance. At EIZ, we value corporate compliance as a sustainable business growth enabler, hence our tagline – fearlessly ethical.


At EIZ, we thrive on honesty and openness in our everyday business conduct. This value is clearly captured by the famous Dalai Lama in his famous quote “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”


Because stakeholder trust builds workmanship and reliability; it also builds profitable brands. It is our primary objective to promote trust amongst our corporate stakeholders through effective business ethics interventions.


It is every business’ objective to yield a benefit or financial gain. Through our culture defining ethics initiatives, we are committed to building profitable organizations for economic and societal gain.

Our Solutions

Ethics Training

Tailor-made and practical training on business ethics for both private and public institutions

As we analyze practical ethical blunders and address hidden corporate misalignments through training and development, we empower organizations and their employees to engage in ethical dialoguing as part of their everyday business conduct. This will inspire increased corporate productivity through trust, responsibility and accountability.

Ethics Research

Our insights and recommendations will put a positive mark to your organization and its business culture

To align to our values of knowledge promotion, we strongly subscribe to the provision of accurate and independent information on ethical standards and practices in the workplace through our research arm with exposure to both private and public institutions and a global pool of expertise in this area.

Ethics Advisory

We offer advisory services to you to minimize the impact of your ethical dilemmas on your business.

Oftentimes you are found in an ethical dilemma or poor work ethic that may cost you millions in potential business lost; quality employees to be lost; legal penalties to be incurred and a lifetime reputation to be tarnished. As a practicing institution in the area of ethics, we offer advisory services to you to minimize the impact of your ethical dilemmas on your business.

Our Team

TERRENCE CHIMANYA has a career that spans 20+ years of professional experience, including strong global footprints and expertise in Corporate Governance, Ethics, Risk Management, Compliance and Strategic Management having worked in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

PENNY MILNER SMYTH is an Organisational Behaviour and Ethics Specialist, and Human Resources Executive (South Africa). She is a globally acclaimed pragmatist in designing and implementing best practice ethics interventions and has wide experience in synchronizing ethics with organisational behaviour, culture and employee performance

PROFESSOR MUFARO GUNDUZA is an accomplished academic who has taught, consulted and externally examined for a number of universities in Southern Africa and founded the Master's and Doctorate Degrees in Business Intelligence offered by Mt Carmel Institute where he is also the founding Director.

DOCTOR CATHERINE MUCHECHETERE is an accountant by profession and an ethics enthusiast. She is the former CEO of Southern Africa Association of Accountants (SAAA) and is currently serving as a Commissioner with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

PRINCE HWENGWERE is an award winning Finance expert and founding Director of Microventure Africa.

BRADWELL MHONDERWA is an ardent ethics proponent whose footprints in the field span a decade of passionate and inspiring writings and publications, ethics advisory, research & training in Zimbabwe and regionally. He has participated in the development of ZIMCODE and has adjudicated in corporate governance awards

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